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Americans are living longer and more active lives, with a strong desire to remain in the comfort of their homes. Home HealthCare Agencies have stepped in to meet the demand for consistent, compassionate care – both skilled care and personal/companion care – for all their patients.

If only it were that simple.

Revenue fluctuations, employee turnover, government regulations, constituent requirements, and workplace accidents – threats and uncertainty are everywhere, and can derail an agency in real time. Home healthcare agencies need a partner that provides pro-active, responsive, and preventative risk management for franchisors, franchisees, and independent agencies.

At DII, we understand the risks and compliance issues involved, and can help transfer or mitigate that risk efficiently and affordably. We specialize in it, so healthcare companies can do what they do best – care for their clients.

DII Home HealthCare+ offers all Agencies:

DII Home HealthCare+ for Franchisors, Franchisees and Independent Agencies

  • Franchisors: DII Home HealthCare+ helps develop requirements of franchisees that strike the optimal balance of protection for all constituents, while still being accessible.
  • Franchisees: DII Home HealthCare+ helps develop programs that meet or exceed franchisor requirements while protecting franchisee assets at a reasonable cost.
  • Independent Agencies: DII Home HealthCare+ designs programs that allow independent firms to meet or exceed licensing and legal requirements without breaking the bank.

DII Home HealthCare+ provides a broad spectrum of coverage that leverages the brand quality and size to gain attractive pricing, plus tailored protection for your assets, and risk management for lawsuits and employee issues.

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