Life Sciences

Life Sciences firms trade in innovation.  They look ahead.  Typical insurance contracts are predicated on the past.  DII helps bridge that gap.

Diversified Insurance has unique specialization and expertise in the Life Sciences field.  We understand the complexities of things such as clinical trials, working on controversial projects, and the importance of protecting information in an industry that trades on innovation.

Traditional insurance products rarely transfer the unique risks associated biomedical firms without careful modification. Coverage such as Product Recall, Directors & Officers Liability, Clinical Trial Insurance, Property insurance on unique equipment, and Business Interruption take on an entire extra level of complexity.  Imagine a $1500 property claim triggering a $955,000 Business Income loss.  DII did, and a long-time client has made “whole” due to that forethought and planning.

Diversified Insurance has the talent, resources, and carrier access Life Sciences firms need to transfer the unique risks associated with this industry.

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