Child Care Specialty Coverage

Insuring Child Care Centers and Franchisees is anything but Child’s Play. Partner with our Experts to Manage Child Care Risk in all 50 States.

DII offers a specialty coverage specifically for insuring child care centers. We start with the basic “Pillars” of coverage (GL, AM, PL) and can extend to other areas of risk that may be present – unusual premises liability, unforeseen events such as a pandemic, or new risk that may arise in the ever-changing child care industry.

Our team will work with you in the event of any complex claims that may arise, and will advise on risk mitigation through documentation of procedures and pre-planning for events. DII is at your side, working alongside you in this industry every day. We are your partner in all events as your business grows and changes over time.


Coverage Highlights (The Child Care Pillars)

  • General liability
  • Abuse/molestation coverage
  • Professional liability

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