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Manufacturing is the backbone of our economy. All manufacturing companies need solid insurance at a reasonable price.

Based on the nature of your business, DII specialists craft customized policies that cover risk without overspending on insurance. We craft Property and Casualty insurance to cover the business focusing on all segments addressing specific areas to tailor the coverage for your needs.

We also offer customized programs to help our clients deal with the consequence of an on scene catastrophe.

One such example occurred when we helped a multi-state manufacturing company establish a risk management board of advisors that included internal employees and external advisors to assess and address on a comprehensive basis the risks facing the company. The board of advisors met quarterly to keep the plan up-to-date and reflecting the changing environment in which the business operated.

Among the projects that the board of advisors produced, were a thorough disaster recovery plan, and multiple strategies designed to lower their frequency and severity of workers compensation claims.

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