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Employee Benefits

Consulting Approach – Partnering with Your People

We design fully insured, partially self-insured, captive arrangements and self-insured programs.

Data Driven Decision Making – DII Insight

To Support your Health Care Decisions around company goals, plan design, employee
strategy and impact to your workforce.

Risk Assessment

Product Recall


Strategic Orientation

  • Policies to Support Long Term Goals
  • Create a Competitive Advantage:
    1. Attracting & Retaining Ideal People to your Firm
    2. Manage your Budget
  • Employee Health Management
  • Improve Employee Engagement leading to greater results
  • Using your plan as a tool to build culture

Employee Focus

How We Do It: The DII 360° Employee Risk Management Process™

STEP 1:  Comprehensive Assessment

We begin our process with a strategic conversation regarding the current state of your business and your strategic plans. Through this conversation, we can identify priorities where a business partner can help you achieve your goals.

Following this conversation, we will collect all the requisite data to develop the DII 360° Employee Risk Management Plan. Most of this data is readily available to your HR Professionals and requires little investment of their time.

STEP 2:  Plan Design and Delivery

We believe the best approach to a better future is to create a plan, forming the blueprint for results. Our plans include specific action items designed to address your highest priority needs. We know that taking care of your people is the highest priority and you can leverage our capabilities to free your people to be fully engaged with your team.

Upon review of our plan, we request you decide on its merits and engage our team to implement the action items.

STEP 3:  HR Plan Implementation

Our implementation process begins with an annual schedule built in coordination with your team. We ensure execution by making our promises in writing and sticking to them throughout the year. Most businesses today have a limited bandwidth to take on projects, so we will work closely to limit the plan elements to stay focused.

STEP 4:  Regular Review and Updating

We commit to two possible outcomes with our plans. The first is success and the second is learning. We know things change both internally and externally. We maintain a flexibility to adapt to changing circumstance to be sure rigidity does not get in the way of progress.

Authenticity – The Guiding Principle of Walking the Talk

The most common refrain from all businesses is that their people are their most important resource. Yet many fall short, and rarely because they lack noble intent. If your goal is the attract and retain the best people, you need to use your benefit offering to your advantage while also managing the budget.

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