Non-Profits & Associations

DII understands that the risk exposure for non-profits and associations is often more complex than a For-Profit entity. Our Non-Profit coverage focuses on protecting the organization, its board members and resources.

We offer Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance to cover the risk incurred by board members based on their position and the activities of the organization as a first line of defense. We also offer coverage for volunteers.

Non-Profits also face a surprising amount of property and casualty exposure. Nearly 90% of all claims against Non-Profits are accidents and injuries related to cars or slips, trips and falls at Non-Profit locations and special events.

Depending on the nature of the Non-Profit’s mission, risk can also include medical malpractice risk and social service professional risks such as counseling and providing other professional and quasi-professional services to vulnerable populations. And most Non-Profits who work with children, the developmentally disabled, and fragile seniors, need to have protection for allegations of sexual or other abuse.

DII will help your organization navigate these different kinds of risks and to help the organization achieve its mission and meet its financial goals.