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HR Advisory Services

Selecting a Great Partner will Help You focus on the Well-being of your Employees.

The role of Human Resources is changing every day as employee considerations and compliance reporting requirements increase. What used to be a paperwork and personality matching challenge has now grown in complexity to the point where it creates real risk for employers. The result is complexity combined with work burdens to create challenges that many HR Professionals find unmanageable. DII addresses these challenges with time saving technology solutions, policy and procedures to reduce risk, and insurance expertise. A partnership with our Team reduces stress and risk, so your HR Team can do the things that are valued by your people.

Technology Solutions:

Policy & Procedures:

Our HR Advisory Services team uses our exclusive The DII 360° HR Review Process™ to provide your HR team with the support and resources needed to craft and maintain an ongoing HR strategy. Our mutual goal is to nurture engagement and satisfaction throughout the teams in the organization to drive results for your organization.

The DII 360° HR Review Process:™

Step 1: Understand your current circumstance:

Step 2: Design a plan to achieve desired goals and outcomes by merging the data into a comprehensive set of recommendations.

Step 3: Implement the plan elements with a focus on those with the highest priority.

Step 4: Use a disciplined process to revisit the plan to ensure accountability for results and relevance over time.

We then consult with the internal HR team to develop a solution set that matches the findings from our 360° HR Review Process. An important part of this process is to review insurance coverage for gaps, over-insurance, and other ways that the newly developed HR structure may impact risk.

We are your partner in growth — and we know that people and growth go hand in hand.

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