DII SafeCare+


Americans are living longer and more active lives, with a strong desire to remain in the comfort of their homes. Home Health Care Agencies have stepped in to meet this demand with consistent, compassionate care for all of their patients.

If only it was that simple.

Revenue fluctuations, employee turnover, and workplace accidents can affect the future of a franchise in a matter of weeks. Home Health Care Agencies need an insurance partner that provides pro-active, responsive, and preventative risk management for franchisors and franchisees and independent agencies.

DII SafeCare+ offers all Agencies:

  • Assurance of competitive and comprehensive coverage to protect your company
  • Prevent losses and assist you at your time of greatest need
  • Policies that are easy to understand with flexible payment plans
  • We provide training to prevent Workers’ Compensation (WC) loss and help improve HR hiring practices
  • We train staff on forms submission and presentation of materials for efficient claims resolution

DII SafeCare+ for Franchisors & Franchisees:

  • Franchisor policies that provide customizable options for franchisees
  • Tailored coverage to each franchisee that is compliant with the franchisor’s requirements

DII SafeCare+ provides a broad spectrum of coverage that leverages the brand quality and size to gain attractive pricing, plus tailored protection for your assets, and risk management for lawsuits and employee issues.